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Solar Panel Installation Scaffolding in Kenilworth and Solihull

Solar power is one of the most popular and efficient methods for producing renewable energy, with more and more solar panels being found in domestic households across the UK.

The panels themselves are large photovoltaic cells made up of two semi-conductive materials topped with a glass covering. This tinted glass is what most of us think of as the solar panel, but the real work is being done underneath. When sunlight passes through the glass, photons are absorbed by the material beneath, converted into energy, and passed onto your home’s power grid.

To capture the most sunlight and create as much energy as possible, solar panels tend to be heavy, cumbersome things. They are, most certainly, not something you want to try to haul onto your roof without adequate support in the form of the solar panel installation scaffolding.

Here at L&M Domestic Scaffolding Ltd, we know how difficult it can be to get new solar panels in position. We design and build custom scaffolding rigs that are tailor-made for this kind of work. We are fully NSA- and CHAS-certified, guaranteeing a safe working environment for any installation job.

Scaffolding for Solar Panel Installations

When erecting scaffolding for solar panel installation, there are three key considerations. It needs to provide enough space for two people to manipulate each panel from the floor to the roof; it needs to be able to support the weight of these heavy components; and it needs to offer full access to the roof for the installation to take place. All our solar panel installation scaffolding ticks those boxes, as well as any other specifications you might have.

Reliable Scaffolding for Solar Panels

If you’re installing solar panels on a domestic or commercial property, you can make use of our scaffolding services with confidence. Our team of experienced, professional scaffolders ensures that each new rig is constructed to the highest possible standard. We check every pole, joint, and platform as we build to guarantee the scaffold’s structural integrity. Once it’s complete, we perform a final inspection of the structure as a whole, for your added peace of mind.

Why Choose L & M Domestic Scaffolding Ltd?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us as your solar panel installation scaffolding experts in Kenilworth, Solihull, and beyond:

Solar Panel Installations Scaffolding Near You

Our scaffolding yard is based in Kenilworth, putting us in the ideal position to assist individuals and businesses across Warwickshire and the West Midlands with their solar panel scaffolding rigs. Whether you’re in Solihull or somewhere further afield, our team of experts promises a prompt and punctual arrival to every job. For more information, visit our Areas We Cover page.

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